Awesome Checkout Setup

Awesome Checkout Setup Demo:

Social Login API Setup:

Facebook APIs:

          • Click Here and click on Add a New App button to make the app ID.
          • Choose Website
          • Give an app name and click on Create New Facebook App ID
          • Click on Create app ID
          • Click on Skip Quick Test

          Google APIs:

            • Go to the Google Developers Console
            • Select an existing project, or create a new project by clicking Create Project:
              • In the Project name field, type in a name for your new project.
              • In the Project ID field, the console has created project ID. Optionally you can type in a project ID for your project. But project ID must be unique worldwide.
              • Click on the Create button and the project to be created in some seconds. Once the project is created successfully, the project name would be appearing at the top of the left sidebar.
            • In the left sidebar, select APIs under the APIs & auth section. A list of Google APIs appears.
            • Find the Google+ API service and set its status to Enable.
            • In the sidebar, select Credentials under the APIs & auth section.
            • In the OAuth section of the page, select Create New Client ID.
              • Create Client ID dialog box would be appearing for choosing application type.
              • In the Application type section of the dialog, select Web application and click on the Configure consent screen button.
              • Choose Email address, enter the Product name and save the form.
              • In the Authorized JavaScript origins field, enter your app origin. If you want to allow your app to run on different protocols, domains, or subdomains, then you can enter multiple origins.
              • In the Authorized redirect URI field, enter the redirect URL.
              • Click on Create Client ID.
            • The Client ID for web application will be generated. Note the Client ID and Client secret for later use that will need to use to access the APIs.

            LinkedIn APIs:

            • Click Here Go to the Apps page at LinkedIn Developer Network and login with your LinkedIn account credentials.
            • Click on the Add New Application link for create new App.
            • Enter the new application details into the app registration form.
            • Company Info: If you already have not any company page, select “New Company” and enter your company name.
            • Application Info: Enter all the application details and select “Live” option as “Live Status”.
            • Contact Info: Enter your contact details.
            • OAuth User Agreement: Select the “Default Scope” and enter “Redirect URLs” (http://localhost/login_with_linkedin_using_php/process.php), “Accept Redirect URL” (http://localhost/login_with_linkedin_using_php/process.php), “Cancel Redirect URL” (http://localhost/login_with_linkedin_using_php/index.php).
            • Select the LinkedIn API Terms of Use checkbox.
            • Click on the Add Application button.
            • Once the application is created successfully, application details would be displayed.
            • Keep the API Key and Secret Key for later use.

            Twitter APIs:

            • At first go to the and login at your Twitter developer account.
            • Create new apps with the following details.
            • Name: Your application Name. This is shown to the user while authorizing.
            • Description: Your application Description. This is shown to user while authorizing.
            • Website: Your application website.
            • Callback URL(*): After authorization, this URL is called with oauth_token.
            • Now change the apps permission to Read and Write or Read, Write and Access direct messages. For change the apps permission, you need to add mobile number to your twitter account. If you are not able to add mobile number from the web, then please follow the below steps.
            • In order to use this process, you need to have a smart phone and install the Twitter mobile application. By this process you will be able to switch to Twitter application write access, although the Twitter websites doesn’t accept your phone number.
            • After installing the Twitter mobile application, go to the tab on the right, it’s the screen showing your user details. Hit the wheel (it’s shown under the amount of tweets) and click Settings.
            • After clicking on Settings, another view opens where you have to click on your account.
            • The following view shows the options for your Account – scroll all the way down and click Security.
            • After hitting the Security option, the application will ask you to add a phone.
            • After clicking Add phone, the mobile browser will open and require you to insert your phone number.
            • After adding the phone number and pressing save, wait a few minutes. Twitter will send you a link to the phone number you just added to verify it. After clicking the link in the SMS the phone number is approved and you should be able to switch the application access to write.
            • After the apps creation you have to click on Test OAuth. Also you should login with your twitter account for test OAuth. After that you would be redirected to the OAuth Settings page. At the OAuth Settings page you can see the Consumer keyand Consumer secret.
            • Congratulation! your apps creation has completed.